Big Hearts ABA


In-home, telehealth & community-based Applied Behavior Analysis services

In-home and community services involve a very thorough assessment process with your family and child as the focus. Following the comprehensive assessment, we develop a program that supports your child by focusing not only on your child’s strengths, but your family’s strengths as well.
We prioritize teaching skills that cater towards your child’s ability to advocate for themselves and to build meaningful relationships.We are utilizing the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill Based Treatment (SBT) for our clients. 

Peer To Peer Friendship Building Sessions

Peer-to-peer relationship-building sessions are for matching kids to a potential friend based on interests, age, and other factors. During these sessions, we facilitate games and prompt friendship-building conversations and activities. During one on one sessions, we may problem solve friendship interactions and foster friendship-building skills, to take back to peer-to-peer relationship-building sessions!

Community Outings

Community outings are a way for our families to feel empowered, by getting to enjoy new things with their children in a supported environment. Our fantastic team attends the events to help make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and enjoy these outings in a safe way. We do at least four outings per year!